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Project 1 Team 4

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Population and Pollution









This project will provide the public with a well-rounded list and evaluation of websites containing information on the correlation between human population growth and pollution. As the world population continues to increase, so does the amount of pollutants released into the environment. In order to fully address this problem, it is important that people become educated on the topic.



Several aspects of pollution will be addressed in this project.

Click on each topic below to learn more:

Air pollution






Our main objective is to provide a list of websites containing information on how population growth is related to the increase in air pollution, deforestation, and consumerism. Each topic will contain a list of related websites. A brief summary and evaluation of each source is also provided. It is our hope that this project will make it easier for the general public to learn about the correlation between population growth and pollution. Hopefully, through the spread of knowledge, efforts can be made to reduce the rate in which populations are increasing and thus protect the environment.



Team Members:

Jennifer  Piechocki

Lauren  DiNatale

Kaitlin Reynolds


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