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Project 1 Team 1

Page history last edited by katie griffith 14 years, 8 months ago

Population Growth and its Effects on the Spread of Disease



Overview of the Project

This project was intended for each group to come up with different ideas on the impact of population growth.  Our group focused on how population growth can affect the spread of various diseases and viruses. We examined three different viruses/diseases that can have huge outbreaks due to population growth. These diseases/viruses are HIV/AIDS, malaria, and cholera. We each picked one of the mentioned diseases and searched the internet using an array of web sources in order to gain more information and a better understanding of how population growth affects disease. We then compiled the best fifteen sources with an attached bibliography/webliography to develop this page about our chosen topic. 



This project should look more in depth at three diseases/viruses and how they are effected by an increase in population. 

  • Malaria                                                                                             
  • Cholera                         



Members of Group 1

  • Katie Griffith
  • Brad O'Brien
  • Elizabeth Peters 


 Disease/Virus Source and Webliography



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