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Environmental (In)Justice

Page history last edited by Lin Oo 14 years, 2 months ago

There are hundreds of stories of people, towns, even countries who are the victims of environmental injustice; some have made efforts to bring about justice. Here are some of their stories: 


Case Study 1: Chromium 6 Poisoning in California

Case Study 2: Love Canal, New York, and the Hooker Chemical Company

Case Study 3: Chernobyl Radiation Disaster

Case Study 4: PCB Contamination in Anniston, Alabama

Case Study 5:Environmental Injustice among Two major Oil Companies

Case Study 6: Dioxin Disasters

Case Study 7: Ag-Mart Pesticide Poisoning

Case Study 8:

Case Study 9: The Louisiana Energy Case

Case Study 10: The Three Gorges Dam

Case Study 11: Uranium Mining in the Navajo Nation

Case Study 12: Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain

Case Study 13: Bakun Damn and the Malaysian Indingenous people


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