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(Project 3)

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How Green is the Green Terror: Multimedia Presentation 


This project is intended to raise both your and the campus community's awareness of the state of healthy environmental practice at McDaniel college. It will consist of two parts:

  • An individual assignment consisting of a report on an aspect of the environmental health of the McDaniel campus (turned in on Blackboard)
  • A group project which draws upon the individual findings of the group to create a web page that provides a multimedia presentation of the 'greeness' of McDaniel and proposes ways to improve it.


This project should have the following outcomes:

  • BIO 2209 Students will learn about Environmental Health issues through investigation and observation of the McDaniel Campus.
  • BIO 2209 Groups will improve their cooperative, reasoning, writing, and web editing skills through the construction of an informative wiki page on a particular location or operation on campus.
  • The audience of the BIO 2209 wiki will be interested enough about environmental health on campus to learn more about it and perhaps take action.


This timeline only contains due dates. You may want to elaborate on it on your group's individual project pages.

  • Oct. 2, Thurs.: Group decides on preliminary overarching topic idea for individual assignments and group work. Post on Wiki.
  • Oct. 9, Thurs: Inidividual projects are due by beginning of class. Submit on Blackboard.
  • Oct. 21, Tues: Group project pages are due by class time. Post on Wiki



Individual Assignment Instructions


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