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(Project 2)

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Environmental Justice



This project is intended to raise both your and your audience's awareness of environmental injustice issues from around the world. It will consist of two parts:

  • An individual assignment consisting of a summary and personal reflection on an environmental justice topic (turned in on Blackboard)
  • A group project which draws upon the individual findings of the group to create a web page that provides a compelling overview of an issue or related issues and, ideally, shows people how to help the situation.


This project should have the following outcomes:

  • BIO 2209 Students will learn about Environmental Health issues through the study of cases of Environmental Injustice
  • BIO 2209 Groups will improve their cooperative, reasoning, writing, and web editing skills through the construction of an informative wiki page on an environmental injustice topic.
  • The audience of the BIO 2209 wiki will be interested enough about environmental injustice to learn more about it and perhaps take action.


This timeline only contains due dates. You may want to elaborate on it on your group's individual project pages.

  • Oct. 2, Thurs.: Group decides on preliminary overarching topic idea for individual assignments and group work. Post on Wiki.
  • Oct. 9, Thurs: Inidividual projects are due by beginning of class. Submit on Blackboard.
  • Oct. 21, Tues: Group project pages are due by class time. Post on Wiki


  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group 3
  • Group 4
  • Group 5
  • Group 6
  • Group 7


Individual Assignment Instructions

These are instructions for a Blackboard-based individual writing assignment. Do some web or library research on an environmental justice issue that is relevant to a topic decided upon by your group. If this issue affects you, or your family, all the better. Write an essay that combines your research and personal reflection.


Expectations for full credit on this assignment.


  • This should be formatted as an essay: organized into an introduction, body, and conclusion; composed of indented paragraphs; and containing a clear thesis sentence and logical transitions. 
  • There should be at least two body paragraphs to your essay: one should detail facts about your issue, and the second should include your own thoughts about it.
  • Find at least one credible outside source relevant to your research to use in the essay. You will need more sources for your group work, so it behooves you to find more than one.
  • Site your source(s) internally and provide a work(s) cited section using CSE format.
  • Your essay should be between 250-350 words, typed or pasted into the Blackboard text window for the assignment.
  • Bb Assignment Link
  • Proper grammar, mechanics, and citation format are required to receive full credit on this essay. As I recommended in your course syllabus, consult a style manual or go to the writing center if you need help with essay writing, citation formats. If you do not own a style manual, you should purchase one and consult it often when writing essays or research papers. 
  • Since you will be typing this in Blackboard, type your paragraphs in blocks with no initial indent and leave an double space between paragraphs.
  • You will also not be able to reverse indent your citation(s), make sure you understand that they should be.
  • As with any assignment, I am always happy to help you, if you write me or come talk to me by end of the business day before the assignment is due. Furthermore, I will gladly explain your grade and give you constructive criticism after the assignment is graded, but be aware that there will be no negotiation of your grade after it is due


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